Rejuvenating Facials


Our comprehensive “express” facial treatment is designed to gently balance and restore skin’s hydration, elasticity and texture. Includes cleansing, exfoliation, vitamin application and a soothing finishing mask that brightens and replenishes the skin for a radiant complexion.

Dermal Detoxifier

A concentrated deep pore cleansing treatment to eliminate congestion and clear skin. Includes exfoliation, steam therapy, extended extractions, and an oxygenating purifying mask for decreased pore size, and overall clearer, smoother skin.

Diamond Exfoliation Treatment

This treatment incorporates a diamond-tipped exfoliation wand to gently slough off dry, dull and dead skin. Skin is deep cleansed and replenished with a mighty blend of vitamins and minerals, followed by a hydrating mask to reduce redness and inflammation.


This pure and refreshing skin nourishing treatment is rich in natural anti-oxidants and botanical enzymes to soothe, revitalize and hydrate all skin types. Incorporating a thorough cleansing, gentle exfoliation, steam therapy and an enhancing serum mask to leave skin naturally renewed.

Collagen Ultrasonic Therapy

Even the most sensitive skin will benefit from this advanced anti-aging facial treatment. Ultrasound Wave technology is used to deeply penetrate a series of medi-products into the skin whilst deep-cleansing, hydrating and promoting collagen production. Increased oxygen and blood circulation to underlying tissue boosts skin firmness, elastin production and overall revitalization.

Back “Facial”

Clear clogged pores, inflammation, and “backne” with this back treatment. A deep cleanse and tone is followed by a scrub exfoliation to polish away stubborn impurities. Calming serum and skin-specific corrective back mask follows extended steam therapy and extractions.